Window Perf & Wall Graphics

Promote your business with Perforated Window Graphics & Wall Graphics.

Window Graphics

Are your windows and walls boring? Why not brighten them up with perforated window graphics & wall graphics.  Often overlooked as a marketing space, windows and walls can be an excellent space to promote your business. Let your imagination run wild!

Window advertising is a great use of space to help promote your company to people passing by. An additional benefit of perforated window graphics is that even though it looks like a solid graphic that’s advertising your business on the outside, you can still see through them perfectly fine on the inside. They don’t really obstruct your view and still allows for light to come in. G8 can supply made-to-order decals and graphics in nearly any shape or size you need in substrates that include vinyl, static cling, adhesive and more. All our wall decals and wallpapers are durable, flexible and can be custom-fit to nearly any wall surface.

Contact us today and learn how G8 can help you improve your signage and promote your business, let us design and install your wall graphics and window graphics right away.